Mammut Famework documentation

Mammut is an end to end framework to develop conversational devices with a Computational Linguistics approach. Our framework has been designed so that you can move from NLP annotation to building a conversational bot in a natural way, with the tools you already know.

Tutorials Quick Starts
Step-by-step instructions for carrying out simple projects that will introduce you to the fundamental concepts and tools.If you don't know where to start, you can do it with the Intro Tutorial. An in-depth tour of some of the most interesting features of the devices you can build with Mammut Framework . You will learn about these features by developing specific tasks. Do you want to install the framework? You can start here.
Concepts Framework
Technical reference documents on Mammut Framework. It contains information about the key operational concepts and configurations. Get to know the theoretical concepts and software tools used at Mammut for the analysis of natural language in order to develop conversational devices.